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Sundia EVO 5 Bearing G2 Diabolo


Single Sundia EVO 5 Bearing G2 Diabolo


Welcome to the future of bearing diabolos! The 5 Bearing diabolo from Sundia represents the pinnacle of their extensive research and design. All of their technological achievements crammed in to one, beautifully balanced, performance orientated diabolo.


The 5 G2 EVO is similar to the G1 in that it uses the same hybrid axle to make an exceptionally light diabolo that is significantly more stable than other diabolos in the same weight range. There is of course an amazing 5 clutch bearing system at the heart of the Sundia 5 too, which is both super smooth and super fast. This generation of the EVO diabolo also has slightly translucent cups which makes it look incredible with the Sundia Light kit.


The Hybrid 'Competition' Axle at the heart of the EVO is a durable central spindle with Teflon coated aluminium sides. This composite design reduces string friction and the weight at the centre of the diabolo. This allows multiple wraps without the diabolo catching the string and significantly reduces deceleration to give you super long spin times. The added 'Stability rings' dramatically increases the centrifugal force of the spinning diabolo. This gives the Evolution the stability and spin of much heavier diabolos, even though it weighs in at only 262g. The Evolution also features a new cup material which is both stiff, super durable and easy to clean. The outer cup surface has been specially ''blasted'' to give it a matte finish which reduces friction from the sticks and string making corrections easier.

Hand sticks not included 

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