Fire Body Torch by Gora

by Gora

Fire Body Torch by Gora


Our body torches are a unique prop for fire dancers and acrobats. They create a wonderful set with our hand candles, which are similar in design.

The difference is that the body torches can be attached to different parts of your body. They have a different attachment method, have a longer wire, and a larger head. It is also possible to use the body torches as a hand candle.

The thick leather circle protects the body from the heat of the flames. The Kevlar head is attached to a flexible spring wire which ensures that it doesn’t break or bend when hit by a force. This design supports durability and channels less heat towards your body.

The body torches are fastened to your body with velcro, so you can take them off with a single movement if necessary. The body torches can be attached to your upper and lower arms and ankles.


Prices are for a pair.

Usage recommendations:

Read and follow fire safety requirements for clothing, this is especially important in the case of body torches! For example, if you use the body torches on your legs, it is of uttermost importance that you wear either nothing on your legs, or relatively thick, fire-safe materials that align with your legs and are not loosely floating. Also, never ever wear polyester or any fibers containing plastics.

Always check the wind direction. Don’t use the body torches when the wind is strong, and take into account the wind direction in case of any wind at all – it can blow the flames towards your body.

Thoroughly test your choreography, especially acrobatics to understand which moves channel the flames and heat towards your body.

No fuel should get on the leather parts.

Do not store your body torches in a closed bag, as the fuel might evaporate and eventually soak the leather parts, creating a fire hazard!

After use, wait until the torches cool down, then store in a bag with some ventilation.

Be careful when you hold the torches upside down!