Henry's 'Nite Flite' Juggling Torch

by Henry's
Type: Fire Clubs

Single Henry's 'Nite Flite' Juggling Torch

Without a doubt the Rolls-Royce of fire clubs. The Nite-Flite is used extensively by fire performers all over the planet. Its classic design with a decorated body and air-cushioned handle make it the perfect prop for performances, behaving a predictable, floaty spin. The Nite Flite is both light and robust - it uses an ashwood core which has been reinforced with an aluminum tube that extends into the handle making it nearly indestructible.

The wooden cone (which is decorated with metallic foil) is protected with an aluminum disc. The additional rubber disc protects both the cone body and wick from being damaged by ground contact. As with the complete Henry's range, attention to detail is apparent throughout - weight discrepancy between clubs is practically non-existent. Wick is easily replaceable. 

Fire safety must be info must be read and understood before every use of this item.

Price is per club