Jugglerstore Kendama



The Kendama is made up of the “ken” which means handle and the “Tama” which means the ball, which is connected by a string.


This game looks very simple and easy, but it could be very difficult, it requires a lot of practice and creativity, it also strengthens hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflex.

There are many tricks that can be done with this Kendama game such as the following:

1. Around the Block: Big cup-tower-little cup-spike

2. Around the World: big cup-little cup-tower-spike

3. Slip on Spike: crossbar to sliding spike

4. Earth Spin: spike to flip back on spike

5. Around Japan: big cup-little cup- spike

6. Around The Universe: big cup-spike-little cup-spike-tower-spike

7. Around U.S.A: big cup-spike-Earth spin-little cup-spike-Earth spin-tower-spike-Earth spin

8. Bird: balance ball between spike and cup

9. Under Bird: balance ball between cup and tower

10. Lighthouse: balance tower on ball

11. Airplane: swing ken to land spike while holding the ball

12. Cooper Spike: Pull up ball to stab down spike

13. Dike on a Rope: Big cup, swing kendama over head while keeping the ball in the cup.

14. Moon Walk to spike: Spin string on hand, grab tower, spike

15. Over The Valley: Bird, Nightingale