Silhouette magic trick


Silhouette is unlike anything you've witnessed before. With a simple shadow, Tobias Dostal creates a moment so pure, so impossible, and so visceral that it could start a religion. Simply put, Silhouette gives you the uncanny ability to manipulate and interact with shadows.

With Silhouette, you have ultimate control over the realm of shadows. You can take a shadow and pluck it into reality. You can freeze your shadow in time. You can form shadows from things that don't exist. You can steal your spectator's shadow. You can even create a misbehaving shadow that snatches objects from your very hands (sometimes it'll even tickle you). Your shadows can be lighthearted, downright mischievous, or simply unexplainable, you decide.


What you receive:

The ability to create and manipulate 12 unique shadows

Nearly an hour's worth of in-depth explanation from Tobias Dostal

12 routines and ideas included to get you started, but the possibilities are limitless once you see the gimmick!

Any smart phone can be used as a light source

Can be done with a borrowed phone

Phone is never rigged

Resets instantly

Packs small plays big

Stealthy and quiet

Perfect for magicians, mentalists, and even mediums

Shadows are compatible with all countries worldwide

Shadows can be yours or even borrowed

This is more than just an illusion, this is a new genre of magic. This is Silhouette.