Sundia Fire Diabolo with Bearing Axle

by Sundia

Sundia Fire Diabolo with Bearing Axle


This stunning work of art has cups cast out of solid metal giving it a unique and beautiful design. In addition, it features a bearing axle meaning it will spin incredibly fast, giving maximum visual impact to your performance as well as opening up trick possibilities. It comes with fixings to add your own fire wicks in the center of each cup, or you could tie wick or rope to the outer rims with kevlar string (which would act as a shock absorber).


With this Sundia Fire Diabolo, we recommend you purchase Sundia fire diabolo handsticks. They are designed by Sundia to be used especially with this diabolo. The stick shafts are made from aluminum and the handles from a soft, grippy material - this prevents them from overheating and keeps your hands safe. The 'string' is this case is made from intertwined metal wire which lasts much longer than conventional string and can withstand higher temperatures - obviously due to the nature of this material some string-orientated tricks are no longer possible. The size of the handsticks are 31cm. The option to add these custom sticks can be found below.


This product is NOT suitable for use by children and can only be sold to those aged 18 or over.


Item specs:

Diameter = 122mm

Width - 142mm

Weight = 424g (without wick)


Note - this diabolo is sold without wick and without handsticks. Furthermore, when metal is hot it is both dangerous and malleable. Exercise extreme caution when using this diabolo and do not use over tough surfaces.