Sundia Shining Triple Bearing Diabolo

by Sundia

Sundia Shining Triple Bearing Diabolo

The stunning 'Triple Bearing' Shining Diabolo from Sundia is probably the best ball bearing diabolo money can buy!

The Shining has a triple bearing axle design which gives outstanding performance, even compared with single bearing diabolos. The triple bearing system also has the major advantage of being almost completely silent (unlike single bearings).

For those unfamiliar with one-way ball-bearing axle (AKA clutch) diabolos - these diabolos are fitted with an axle that rotates only in one direction. The spinning speed is built up in the usual way but once up to speed, the diabolo spins on the internal bearing and is not slowed by the friction of the string. Combine these benefits with the stunning, perfectly balanced, see-through cups & carbon fiber washers and this all adds up to a truly fantastic diabolo!

Additional benefits of playing with a triple bearing diabolo:

1. Allows you to pick up tremendous speeds which will give you more time to execute some of the more advance and technical moves.

2. More bearings = less friction. A triple-bearing diabolo will go almost twice as fast as a single bearing diabolo.

3. A wide Bearing axle will make your diabolo very stable at high speeds and is great for finger and stick grinds.

Hand sticks not included